Hospitality Client

Our client is a hospitality chain headquartered in the UK. Its estate includes bars, pubs and hotels.

Hospitality Proof of Concept

Our client is a national hospitality chain with dozens of hotels and hundreds of pubs and bars in their estate. In August 2021, we approached our client with a proposal to install Vape Bot dispensers in suitable locations within their estate.

After an initial meeting with their Operations Team, where it was agreed that certain benefits could be possible, a number of concerns were also raised which made the client hesitant to commit. The main objections were:

  • A concern over how the presence of a vending machine offering vaping devices would be perceived by customers and guests.
  • Doubt over our claims on increased footfall as a result of the presence of our dispensing unit.
  • Concern that our dispensing unit would result in additional work for their staff.

After a number of conversations and meetings, we persuaded the client to grant us a three month trial in a variety of their locations. We were given 12 locations consisting of 2 hotels, 4 food-led pubs and 6 wet-led pubs.

When we were approached with Vape Bot, our initial reaction was to dismiss it as we felt it didn’t fit with our image. Over the past 10 years, the hospitality sector moved away from it’s old image and I was far from convinced that Vape Bot would tie in well with that.

 Group Operations Director

The main challenge for us is demonstrating to the client that Vape Bot will bring significant benefits to their business without negatively impacting their existing business in any way. We knew from the start that it would be an uphill challenge.

Our trial commenced at the start of November 2021.

We had a pre-existing relationship with Ashbe Ltd in another area of our business and agreed to a trial mainly due to that.

 Group Operations Director

The space allotted to us in each location allowed only for our smallest dispensing solution. In some locations, we were able to place a floor-standing model but in others, had to install our mini wall-mounted model.

Installation of our dispensing units took place over the course of a single day with each installation taking approximately one hour. This included the time taken to familiarise shop staff with the products and dispensing units. In the days leading up to the installations, the digital strategy was implemented and scheduled to go live from the installation date.

I’ve never smoked or vaped and wasn’t a fan of having a vending machine inside my pub. But it has gotten a lot of use and some of our regulars have switched from cigarettes to vaping.

Pub General Manager


After three months, none of the client’s concerns have materialised in the observed results and our dispensers remain active and in place.

I was pleasantly surprised. We’ve not had any negative comments and have noticed an increase in new customers. We’re now exploring a wider rollout.

 Group Operations Director

Machine usage the hotels were noticeably lower than in the pubs which averaged 16 unit sales per day overall and 22 unit sales per day in just the wet-led pubs. We also noticed an increase in daytime traffic which led to an increase in service at a time when most pubs are usually quieter. The main driver behind this is our aggressive advertising designed to ensure that every local vaper becomes aware that a hospitality venue near them hosts a Vape Bot dispenser.

Above is shown a Google report for one of the client’s pubs in January 2022. As you can see, 439 people requested directions to their address in that month and our organic listing saw 99,396 views in total.

As a result of the success of this trial, we are now exploring a wider rollout to just under 100 of the client’s locations.