Winning Post Bookmakers

Winning Post has five shops in Bristol and four in Wales as well as a large betting centre “The Centaur” at Cheltenham racecourse. They have also been trading within the Ascot racecourse for 5 years.

The Winning Post is very much a family company and have been running for over 34 years as an independent bookmaker.

The Challenge

The decline of the high street has had a noticeable effect on the gaming industry as a whole. As an independent, family owned and operated business, Winning Post operates in a fiercely competitive space and needs to ensure that every inch of space within each shop is utilised in the most optimal way.

Over the past decade, we have seen a steady fall in the amount of foot traffic passing through the doors of our shops and as a result, have had to be more creative in the way that we do business.

Roy Holbrook, Director

The main challenge for us is demonstrating to Winning Post that our solution will bring significant benefits to their business each day without negatively impacting their existing business in any way.

The Solution

The main challenge for us was the lack of physical space within Winning Post’s shops for one of our dispensing units. Betting shops place a high value on every inch of their retail space, filling it with everything from Fixed Odd Betting Terminals, to digital displays. We quickly learned that there is no such thing as free and unused space. Therefore, we needed to demonstrate that housing one of our dispensing units within each of their shops would deliver a significant enough benefit to warrant making the space for it.

I was skeptical about some of the claims which the team at VapeBot were making about the solution they were offering and the advantages it would bring to my business.

Roy Holbrook, Director

The retail space allotted to us by Winning Post allowed only for our smallest dispensing solution. In some of their shops, we were able to place a floor-standing model but in others, had to install our mini wall-mounted model.

In the lead-up to our installations, we undertook the following:

  • Analysed sales data in other locations in the same geographical regions as Winning Post’s shops to decide the optimal product mix from our catalogue.
  • Prepared a digital and physical marketing strategy to inform consumers of the presence of our dispensing units at Winning Post’s locations.
  • Prepared a condensed introduction to our products and basic operational training plan for the shop staff at Winning Post in order that they become familiar with our solution.

Installation of our dispensing units took place over the course of a single day with each installation taking approximately one hour. This included the time taken to familiarise shop staff with the products and dispensing units. In the days leading up to the installations, the digital strategy was implemented and scheduled to go live from the installation date.

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Winning Post Bookmakers

Winning Post is an independent bookmakers headquartered in Bristol, England.


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