Maltings Entertainment

Located in a Gade II listed building in Stowemarket, Maltings Entertainment houses The Mill Restaurant, Portman Malthouse Sports Bar and Carbon Nightclub in a spacious and inviting setting.

From midday each day, customers enjoy fresh local food and mouthwatering drinks and cocktails. On the weekends Carbon takes over offering a popular local nightlife spot with regular events and a young vibrant scene.

Feature Story:

What is the main benefit of hosting a Vape Bot?

We were approached in March 2022 by Maltings Entertainment’s Group General Manager, Charlie Garnish, to trial our Vape Bot vending machine inside their nightclub. Charlie had noticed that large numbers of their customers had switched from smoking to vaping and felt that catering to that demand may deliver benefits to the business as a whole.

From the moment it was installed, the Vape Bot vending machine became an instant hit with our customers. It gets heavily used by our bar and nightclub patrons.

Our Vape Bot vending machine has brought numerous benefits to Maltings Entertainment. Most potential hosts believe the main benefit to be the share of the revenue that they earn from the vending machine. However, over time, most hosts come to realise the main benefit to be in what the presence of a Vape Bot adds to the experience for their customers.

With over 20% of the UK’s adult population either smoking or vaping, being ‘vape-friendly’, even if vaping isn’t permitted inside your venue, will in itself attract greater numbers. Even if it only comes in the form of providing the convenience that a Vape Bot vending machine offers.

Having a Vape Bot inside our location has both catered to those who had repeatedly asked us to start selling vaping products and helped attract more of the local university student crowd.

By hosting a Vape Bot vending machine, Maltings Entertainment saw a noticeable benefit in the satisfaction of their patrons with their venue. Happier customers leads to repeat and more frequent custom. In places where the customer has a large amount of choice as to where to spend their time and money, catering to the needs of over a fifth of the adult population not only delivers direct benefits in the share of the revenue that we offer to hosts, but also the additional revenue that increased numbers of customers inside your venue will bring.