The Gardeners Arms

The Gardeners Arms is a wet-led pub on the outskirts of Southampton.

Feature Story:

What will smokers make of a Vape Bot?

In recent years, e-cigarettes have become a popular aid in helping smokers to quit. Not only have they become the most popular aid, but according to Public Health England, are up to 74% more likely to help smokers to quit compared with other stop smoking aides.

The Gardeners Arms is a local pub for local people, many of which are regular smokers. Landlord, Sean McCann thought that a Vape Bot vending machine could prove a popular addition to his pub as well as offering an alternative to some of his regular customers who may wish to try a less harmful alternative to cigarettes.

We’ve had a great experience with Vape Bot in my pub. The younger regulars took to it instantly and even some of the older regular smokers have begun to switch away from cigarettes.

Over 13% of the UK’s adult population smoke on a regular basis. Many are making the transition over to vaping each year as an aid to quitting nicotine altogether. Hospitality and leisure locations – especially those which are wet-led, offer ideal locations to offer alternatives to traditional tobacco products.

By doing so, operators will not only be adding to their bottom line, but also conveniently providing a less harmful alternative within an environment where many tend to have a need for such products.