Over 11 million adults in the UK either regularly smoke or vape – that’s over 20% of the adult population. What’s more, ever greater numbers of transitioning from smoking to vaping each year as an aid to harm reduction.

Vape Bot vending machines provide a legally compliant solution to businesses in a wide range of industries to cater to the vaping needs of their customers. Our vending machines are provided to our host locations as a managed service without any cost to the host.

With our product range covering the latest and most popular disposable devices on the market, we offer hosts the ability to cater to the vaping needs of their customers without creating any additional workload for their staff.

With its integrated age verification system, Vape Bot can be placed in almost any type of business with leisure and hospitality companies being the most common location type. We also cater to many general retail, fast food, and other types of business that have a large flow of foot traffic.

Getting started

We install our vending machines in many different types of locations across many different industries. Our host locations include retailers, hospitality and leisure, gaming, fast food restaurants and coffee shops to state just a few.

Becoming a host partner is simple. If you would like to host one of our vending machines inside your premises, just complete an enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch.

Become a Host Partner

Commonly Asked Questions

As well as the new advertising and corresponding additional traffic that your location will receive as a result of hosting a Vape Bot vending machine, we also pay you a portion of the revenue processed through your machine.

There are no service fees or rental costs. We provide your vending machine as part of our service. The only things we ask you to supply as a power socket and access to your internet connection.

While we do supply a number of vending machine companies, we do not sell or rent our vending machines to host locations.

It normally takes around 2-3 weeks to supply and install one of our vending machines, Though this can vary depending on location and our availability of machines.

We are able to remotely monitor the stock levels within each vending machine. Once the stock level drops below a certain point, a task is automatically triggered for one of our engineers to attend the location, normally within two working days.

We will stock your machine with a selection of the most popular flavours from leading brands. Should the sales data from your machine show that a particular flavour isn’t doing well in your area, we will automatically alter your product range, with our engineers swapping underperforming lines for alternatives more suited for your customers’ needs.

The price we charge for the disposable vaping devices will typically be slightly higher than that of a local general retailer. It can vary depending on a number of factors including the type of business hosting the machine, which part of the country the machine is located in and which products are stocked within the machine to name but a few.

We offer our managed service throughout the UK and NI with plans to branch out in to continental Europe soon.

We simply need two things from you: a single standard 230V 3-prong power outlet and access to your internet connection – either via a reliable WiFi connection or a wired ethernet connection.

Should a customer ever encounter an issue with a product they have purchased, each machine carries a freephone telephone number to our customer service team. With real-time access to transaction history, stock levels and machine status, most issues can be resolved over the telephone. If a refund is necessary, it will be processed remotely and credited back to the payment method used.

No. As part of our managed service, all our machines are installed, stocked and maintained at no cost to you.

Whilst we expect our partners to take reasonable steps to ensure that our vending machines are not damaged or vandalised, you will not be held responsible for any damaged equipment.

Interested in VapeBot?

If you're interested in having our disposable vape vending machines in your locations, simply fill out this form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.